Faladdin is an Android application with the ability to receive daily horoscopes.

Daily predictions

The utility is designed to receive daily horoscopes and useful information about yourself. Every day you can get one message for free. To do this, indicate the date of birth, name, orientation, and all the necessary information. Based on it, a prediction and advice for the future is formed.

Artificial intelligence is responsible for the formation of information. He analyzes information about the signs of the zodiac, forms horoscopes and compares lunar calendars and earth cycles. The result is an average forecast covering various areas of life.

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Main menu secrets

The interface contains a lot of interesting activities. For example, there is a separate section with a magic lamp. You can rub it and call the genie. A magical creature appears once a day and gives wise advice.

There is also a section with fortune telling on tarot cards. You must provide key information about yourself in order for the utility to create a profile with predictions.

People can use the services of an algorithm or fortune telling on a coffee cup. All this will help to recognize the future patterns of life and not learn more about you. The first connection to various services is free. Users can also receive daily horoscopes. All other information is available when purchasing special loans. They can be purchased for real money or view ads in the main menu.

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  • application for receiving daily free horoscopes;
  • predictions are formed on the basis of artificial intelligence;
  • the opportunity to call a genie and get wise advice of the day;
  • fortune-telling on tarot cards and a coffee cup;
  • the utility is fully compatible with relevant versions of Android.